Which Makes More Sense?

Which makes more sense?

1. Regional environmental groups and community activists are spending their limited operating budgets in a massive conspiracy with 90% of the world's scientists to creast a world wide hoax and crash the global economy.

2. Big oil companies are spending their obscene profits to bribe anyone they can to protect their profits and limit any future liability their pollution may cause.

… and in case this is a tough one for you, ha… there’s an error in the graphic. The percentage of climate researchers most actively publishing in the field that agree humans are causing global warming is actually 97%.




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#2 Magic Mike 2012-04-11 17:26
@Carol... I know. Isn't that hysterical. Some idiots are actually delusional enough to believe climate change is a mass delusion or some kind of fantastic hoax. Evidence be damned... ha :D
#1 Carol Gebert 2012-04-11 15:43
A third option is missing: A few scientists notice something, realizing they can win lots of grant money if they raise alarm. Environmental groups jump on-board, insisting that governments set aside billions for the issue. Many more scientists realize that money is available for the taking, and join the bandwagon. Skeptics are sidelined as 'deniers.' Journalists and the public, bamboozled by science and eager to pin their intrinsic guilt on something, believe everything without question. And presto! A mass delusion is born.

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