Gas Guzzlin’ Blues


Gas prices got you down? You’ve got the Gas Guzzlin’ Blues, my friend. Here’s a great song from John Vosel’s album “Acoustically Blue” that captures the moment.

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Full Lyrics Below:
Songwriter: John Vosel’s 
Albulm: “Acoustically Blue”
Now you can raise my rent,
And you can raise my taxes,
But, good god, have you seen
What the price of gas is?
It’s burning me up,
I got them gas guzzling blues
Now I can’t afford to drive
I got them gas guzzling blues
Now you can talk about 
And say what you want,
But the bottom line is
You’re gonna pay at the pump
I can’t fill her up.
I got them gas guzzling blues.
No baby you can’t drive my car,
I got them gas guzzling blues
Now my grass is growing high
There’s no gas for my mower
I’m getting sick of this nightmare
Wake me when it’s over.
Is it ever going to end,
Them gas guzzling blues?
I just stay home and play my guitar.
Play them gas guzzling blues.
Cuz I can’t go very far
I got them gas guzzling blues.
And no baby you can’t drive my car.
I’ve got them gas guzzling blues. 

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