Big Car Makers Confront Global Warming… Not!

At last...the big car makers confront global warming. Tackle rising sea levels with the new Amphibious S.U.V. (By Ford!) It's Big! It Floats!

Avoid skin cancer with the Oldsmobile Insulator. Featuring adjustable heat shields and S.P.F.1200 U.V. Glass. 
Breath Easy! With the Lexus Respirator. Filters out tropical diseases and air pollution- zaps mosquitoes!

Suffering from and adapting to climate change is arguably among the most expensive prices we pay for gas. Auto makers could help solve the problem, but are dragging their feet.

Since its inception, the auto industry has leapt forward with fantastic technological advancements to their products in all but one area… MPG. They’ve made some progress. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular, but at the same time the industry is fighting back against fuel efficiency standards. When will the auto industry tackle this monster? The demand is certainly there. What’s holding them back?



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