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Top 10 Best Gas Scooters

With a stand up gas scooter, you can get around, have fun, and spend many times less on gas than you might in a car. Despite still beinig gas-powered, their efficient size makes them many, many times more environemntally friendly than an automobile.

Here's a top 10 list of some of the most widely-acclaimed stand up gas scooters on the market--take a moment to peruse if you're interested, it should make the process of finding what's right for you a lot easier. The UrbanScooters.com Marketplace offers comparison shopping on the finest and most economical stand up scooters sold on the web. Here are the top 10 as their market statistics list them.

The ScooterX 49cc X-Racer Gas Scooter is a great starting stand up scooter with a powerful 49cc motor, along with a number of other features.
Another great beginners scooter, this scooter is a high powered, bare bones gas scooter offered at a remarkable price.
The XG-550 is X-Treme’s premium, standard series, and is much like the XG-499, but with a few upgrades: a more powerful 50cc motor, a faster top speed of 35 mph, and more.
The latest from theEvo Power Boards line, this Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board is still affordable, but features a number of more "high-end" features.
The X-Treme XG-565 A-Blaze Signature Series scooter is one of X-Treme Scooters best single speed gas scooters, with top speeds of 25+ mph and a range of 20 miles.
The X-Treme XG-575-DS A-Blaze Signature Series 2 Speed gas scooter is another high-quality, low-price option from X-Treme. It's a lot like the XG-565, but with one major feature that sets it apart from both the 565 and the rest. This Puzey designed stand up gas scooter is the first of its kind to have a 2-speed shifter transmission. This also bumps the top speed up to 30+ miles per hour!
Top 10 Best Electric Bikes

If you're looking to cut down on your gas usage and have a good time doing it, an electric bike might be a good option. They're a practical alternative to cars that'll save you money and keep your carbon footprint down. Here's a top 10 list of some of the most popular electric and hybrid bikes available, so that you can make the best choice for you and your situation.

The UrbanScooters.com Marketplace offers comparison shopping on all of the best Electric Bicycles sold on the web. According to their marketplace statistics, here are the ten most popular electric bikes for adults!

10) e-Moto Velocity 1.0 : This is a great entry-level hybrid bike which combines the best of two worlds: the practicality of a standard road bike and the cool comfortable feel of a cruiser.
9) IZIP E3 Zuma: The E3 Zuma from IZIP is an Electric Bicycle with old school charm and stylish looks, but cutting edge design technology. This classic cruiser is sure to meet all your performance needs while looking great.
8) BionX PL-350 Kit w/ Pre- Built 700c Wheel: Already have a good bike? Want to make it even better? In around half an hour, convert it into an advanced, efficient electric-assist bicycle with this conversion kit from BionX.
7) X-Treme XB-562:  This flexible X-Treme Electric Bike has fully adjustable electric power assistance: it can be ridden without any artificial help as usual, it can run entirely on its electric engine, or anywhere in-between.
6) EG Kyoto Electric Bicycle: This bike comes with a powerful, efficient 200W motor, advanced Li-ion battery, and three modes of operation, allowing you to choose between a fully-manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic ride.
5) Ultra Motors A2B Metro: A powerful electric motor speeds this fashionably-designed bike along, and provides a smooth, easy ride. Most of the machinery, including the advanced lithium battery, is hidden within the tubing of the frame--that way, no bulky parts spoil the modern design of this bike.
Top 10 Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a fun way to get off your gas. They get you around the neighborhood, bridge the gap between home - public transportation - work and save you money by reducing your use of dirty gas. We've put together this top 10 list to help you find the best buy for you. Enjoy!

The UrbanScooters.com Marketplace offers comparison shopping on every top quality electric scooter sold online. According to their statistics, here are the top ten most popular stand-up electric scooters for adults!
10) Segway i2:  Segway Brand vehicles are engineered to be intuitive to riders of all skill levels, and the i2 is no exception, on top of that it can conquer all types of turns and terrains.  
9) Go Motorboard 2000X Transporter:  The 2000X is a small, lightweight Electric Scooter with a 19.5 lb. frame; despite its slight size, this Scooter boasts a full one horsepower and still manages to be both light and portable. 
8) Razor E300S:  This seated Scooter ranks number 8 on our Top 10 list. The E300 can reach Top speeds of up to 15 miles per hour thanks to its high-performance, quiet and environmentally-friendly chain-drive motor.
7) X-Treme X-300:  This is a High Quality Electric Scooter that was adapted from the X-250; It boasts an assortment of upgrades, including; a more powerful motor, 15 mph top speed, a wooden deck, chain drive, removable batteries and disk brakes. 
6) e-Zip E750:  This Scooter is a great buy; it can reach speeds up to 15 mph and has a range up to 12 miles (rider weight and terrain contingent), high capacity 12AH batteries for extended riding range and a powerful front linear pull brake system with power modulator. 
5) X-Treme X-600:  This is X-Treme's Best performance Electric Scooter. The X-600 can reach impressive speeds of up to 20 mph for up to 10 miles. The 600 watt electric motor offers riders a lot of power that will enable them to take on hills and uneven terrain. 
50cc Scooters


The Best 50cc Gas Scooters on the Market, according to UrbanScooters.com are the Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board and the X-Treme XG-550 Gas Scooter
According to Ehow.com, cc is short hand for Cubic Centimeter. The cc tells us all about an engines power as it is "the unit of measurement used to describe the volume in the engine's firing cylinders displaced by the pistons, which is why it is also referred to as engine displacement." As a rule of thumb, the more CCs a scooter has, the bigger the engine tends to be. Street Legal Scooters can have two or four stroke engines, with 50cc being ideal for most Scooter Enthusiasts. In many states (this varies) a 50cc Scooter  does not necessitate a special motorcycle drivers license. In fact, most states only require a regular drivers license.  For this reason, among others, 50cc Scooters tend to be the most popular. 
Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board is a Gas Scooter that is sure to meet most riders' expectations.  This Gas Scooter plays host to an assortment of amazing features, including Cam-Link" Suspension.  Unlike other Scooters on the market,  the Evo 2x actually has a legitimate suspension system that provides individuals with a smooth riding experience. while simultaneously offering up superior resistance when landing after jumps. The Evo 2x also possesses a 2-Speed Gear Box. This is the first two speed scooter in the world! This gives riders power at lower speeds and higher maximum speeds. If that wasn't enough, the Evo 2x also has One-Touch Chain Tensioning, which enables riders to tighten the final drive chain in one straightforward and effortless action. Aligning the rear wheel is not needed at all. Also included are height and position adjustable MX Handlebars, a 50cc 2HP 2-Stroke engine (EPA Approved) and a new folding system, with improved feel and functionality.
High Gas Prices: 10/5/12 – 10/12/12


 Eureka, CA: High Gas Prices on 10/09/12 reported by Nicole C.


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