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Oil or Housing for the Elderly?



Unless Congress acts this week, spending on housing for the elderly will be cut $20 million while Big Oil continues to pilfer $8 BILLION+ of our tax dollars annually. Tell Congress to cut dirty oil subsidies.

Reblogged from the Oil Change International and NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) Facebook pages.

Spread the word: Congress needs to sort their priorities straight.




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High Gas Prices: 2/10/13-2/18/13



Pasadena, CA: High Gas Prices: 2/18/13

... round, round, round she goes... where she stops nobody knows...



50,000 Protest against Climate Change


Yesterday in Washinton DC, 50,000 protestors gathered together to implore President Obama fulfil his campagin promises to to combat climate change. These protestors recognize that climate change not only creates a severe hardship to all life on Earth, but its effects are also extremely expensive to deal with. The effects of climate change are possibly the most  expensive indirect prices we pay for gas.



Consumers Taking Financial Hit from Gas Prices


The Tinman isn't the only one feeling the pressure of rising fuel costs. According to CSNBC, despite a general decrease in gas consumption over the years, the price of gas continues to rise ever higher. 

High Gas Prices: 2/2/13-2/9/13



Pasadena, CA: High Gas Prices 2/8/13


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