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Hoverboard Buyer's Guide: 5 Tips To Buying A Quality Hoverboard


Hoverboards look like mini-segways without handlebars. Simply lean forward to glide forward. Lean back to go in reverse. The more you lean, the faster you go. Tilt one foot down to turn. It even spins in circles if you ask it to. Hyper-intuitive gyro-sensor technology makes them tick and these little boards are actually much easier to ride than you think.
Since top celebrities have been blowin' up social media with their Hoverboards... everybody's gotta have one. Demand is so high that some Chinese factories are cranking them out dangerously fast. Quality control? What's that? We get dozens of emails from China every week that promise super cheap hoverboards, super fast. So, when it comes to shopping for a hoverboard... buyer beware!
We've done our homework, so you don't have to. Follow these five tips and you'll soon be gliding on the hoverboard of your dreams.
1) If The Price Sounds Too Good To Be True... It Is.
If you find a Hoverboard on sale for less than $300, it’s a piece of junk. It will fall apart within a week... or even worse. Some of the particularly crappy ones are exploding!
Venturi to Produce 372 mph Electric Car

Venturi, a French manufacturer of luxury and otherwise high-tech vehicles, is teaming up with  Ohio State University to break new speed records with the world's most powerful electric car.

The car they plan to make will be called the VBB-3, an electric car with a projected top speed of over 372 mph. Beyond that, little information about the car has been officially released.

Here's another reason to get excited about this project: the CEO of Venturi added that in addition to staying ahead of the game in commercial terms, this project will push them to continue "... innovating in order to optimize energy efficiency, one of the greatest challenges facing not only the automobile industry, but society in general.” 

Pets on Wheels III

This month’s installment of Pets on Wheels is perhaps our most exciting yet. We have not one, but two surfing animals: a goat and an alpaca.  Not to mention a adorable Chihuahua and a dachshund named Salchi. And who can forget Norman the Briard who can ride a scooter, he’s expanded his repertoire and is now officially a cyclist! If you need some motivation to get you to switch to environmentally sustainable modes of transportation vehicles, then take a cue from our furry pals. If our four legged friends can do it, so can you!


1. Goatee the Surfing Goat

If you happen to be in Prismo Beach California, and you spot a four legged surger hanging ten, it's not your imagination. Chances are it's Goatee the surfing goat! According to the Telegraph, the aptly named Goatee was trained by her owner Dana MacGregor to catch some waves!



Gas Prices Set New Records


According to Business Insider, the month of February was big for record breaking gas prices. Firstly, we recently set the record for the fastest price increase. In January, prices were around $3.29 per gallon. They have quickly shot up to a "national average of $3.78 per gallon." On top of that AAA reports that "American gasoline prices just set an all-time high for February." That's two records broken, and the year is just starting! Perhaps looking into transportation alternatives for short-distance commuting is a great idea after all. 


Oil or Housing for the Elderly?



Unless Congress acts this week, spending on housing for the elderly will be cut $20 million while Big Oil continues to pilfer $8 BILLION+ of our tax dollars annually. Tell Congress to cut dirty oil subsidies.

Reblogged from the Oil Change International and NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) Facebook pages.

Spread the word: Congress needs to sort their priorities straight.




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