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Go-Ped GTR46R Trail Ripper

Go-Ped GTR46R Trail Ripper$ 1148.95
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The Go-Ped Trail Ripper was made to master off-road terrain! It flaunts a cutting-edge suspension system (Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension) with front and rear swing arms that grant the scooter inconceivable flexibility on off-road terrain.
Furthermore, this Go-Ped Gas Scooter can reach an impressive 30 mph!

The swing arms are fashioned out of super-light magnesium and produce an exceptionally low unsuspended weight, permitting the wheels to stay in better contact with uneven ground. The effect is superb trail riding and handling characteristics. This design also makes maintenance problems easy to tackle. To accommodate various rider abilities, weights, and inclinations, the suspension can be adjusted from “plush” to “firm” with its adjustors. These adjusters raise and lower its natural damping characteristics as well.

The lightweight framing, engine, and folding handlebar system add to making the Go-Ped Trail Ripper 46 a very light weight device. When you consider its truly innovative C.I.D.L.I. suspension, 4.5 horsepower GP460RS motor, advanced Mad Dog Disc brakes, and other race quality features, it’s simple to see that other off-road scooters simply don't compare to the Go-Ped Trail Ripper.

Go-Ped launched the motorized scooter fad over 20 years ago and have been crafting the most high-end, innovative and refined scooting machines ever since. Go-Ped's are made in the USA and the company is world renown for its commitment to Go-Ped perfection.

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Go Ped GTR46R Trail Ripper Action Video

Go-Ped GTR46R Trail Ripper Walk Around Video

BONUS: Chimpanzee Riding on a Go-Ped


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