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Razor Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter

Razor Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter
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The Razor Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter is great for scooting around the neighborhood in style.  The E100 is recommended for riders aged 8 and older, and it offers a weight capacity of 120 lbs. This is an Excellent Electric Scooter for Kids and Pre-teens. It’s perfect for getting youths to school, for zipping around the park, getting to their friend’s houses or even for a quick stop at the corner store. 

Unlike Razor's E300S and E500S scooters (their motors start from a standing position). The E100 requires a small manual kickoff to 3 miles per hour before starting. The rider must press a trigger to engage the motor. However, once the rider gains momentum, the electric motor speeds up to 10 miles per hour. Parents love this feature because it makes the Electric Scooter fast enough to have fun, but not fast enough to be a menace on the street or sidewalk. Plus, thanks to the long-life rechargeable battery, which takes about eight hours to fully charge, riders can cruise for up to 40 minutes at a stretch!

The Sweet Pea E100 Electric Scooter also boasts a ton of impressive features including, a folding handlebar mechanism for effortless storage and transportation, an 8-inch pneumatic front tire and 4.9-inch polyurethane rear wheel, and a hand-operated front brake, a pair of 12-volt batteries, a charger, tools, a chain-driven high-torque and environmentally friendly motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle.

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