Rad2Go Scooters and Rad2Go Electric Scooters

You'll find great deals on Rad2Go scooters in the UrbanScooters.com Marketplace.
With prices well below retail, the Rad2Go electric scooters represented here offer an excellent value for your money.
Rad2Go Electric Scooters are truly the fastest scooters you'll find below $1,500.

Why Rad2Go Electric Scooters?

What are the top three strengths a Rad2Go Scooter brings to the table?
Rad2Go Scooters offers high performance and great durability at a low price.
Rad2Go scooters offer great value for your buying dollar.

Which Rad2Go Scooter is Right for Me?

Q Rad2Go Electric Scooters
The Q Electric Chariot Rad2Go Scooter is a nice option for those who can't afford a Segway.
Like all Rad2Go electric scooters, the price tag on the Q is highly affordable (under $1,000).
Compared to a Segway at $3,000 - $4,000+ the Q Rad2Go electric scooter is a steal. Similar to the
stand-on two-wheel personal transporters currently available, the Q Rad2Go Scooter performs very much
the same functions with added maneuverability and features for less than half the price.
You ride the Q Rad2Go Electric Scooter by standing on the platform with your feet shoulder width apart facing forward.
Grip the handle bar and the Q Rad2Go Electric Scooters propels you along in silence.
The Q Rad2Go Scooter is perfectly suited for large offices, warehouses, factories, downtown business districts,
college campuses and many other applications. Q Rad2Go Scooters can be casually driven or slalomed similarly to skiing.

Great White Rad2Go Electric Scooters
This Rad2Go electric scooter rockets along at UP TO 19 MPH with enough torque to launch a 300 lb. rider
up a hill at mind blowing speed. This Rad2Go scooter is extremely fast. The Great White Rad2Go electric scooter
is the fastest scooter you'll find for under $1,500. This Rad2Go scooter packs the kind of power you expect from a gas scooter.
Added features on Great White Rad2Go electric scooters include a fully adjustable front fork suspension system, extra large 10" X 4"
special Rad2Go scooter tires and an improved rear brake assembly. The Rad2Go electric scooter frame is extremely rugged and nearly indestructible.
The diamond-plate aluminum deck and no frills solid construction on this Rad2Go scooter give it an industrial sense of style.

ZZ Cruiser Rad2Go Electric Scooters
All ZZ Cruiser Rad2Go scooters come with 300 watts of power at a super low sticker price.
These black and red Rad2Go electric scooters offer plenty of style and performance.
The ZZ Cruiser Rad2Go scooter is awesome for cruising around town. It has special, solid, airless
Rad2Go electric scooter tires so you won't ever have to worry about a flat again!
The frame is typical of all Rad2Go electric scooters… extremely rugged and nearly indestructible.
Rad2Go scooters are among the best quality scooters on the market today.

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Rad2Go Electric Scooters are manufactured by Q Electric in sunny Southern California. They got their start as Rad2Go Scooters in the 1980's manufacturing roller skates, inline skates and push scooters. The company has been offering a quality line of Rad2Go electric scooters and vehicles since the late 1990's. To date they have sold over 100,000 Rad2Go scooters and vehicles and Rad2Go scooter sales continue to grow year after year.

Rad2Go scooters include top selling items like the 300 watt Rad2Go Scooter ZZ Cruiser, the 800 watt monster they call the Great White Rad2Go Scooter, and their human transporter Rad2Go scooter called the Q Electric Chariot. Additional Rad2Go scooter products include the Gelato and the Espresso.

icon ZZ Cruiser - Rad2Go Electric Scootericon
Price: $229.99

icon Great White - Rad2Go Electric Scootericon
Price: $599.99

icon Great White with Seat - Rad2Go Electric Scooter icon
Price: $599.99

icon Q Electric Chariot - Rad2Go Electric Scooter icon
Price: $899.99

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