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Go-Ped Electric Scooter Comparison Guide

The Go-Ped Electric Speed Racer "ESR" Scooter Series is offered in several different configurations and two battery types: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Po). These are the highest quality stand-up electric scooters on the marketÖ bar none. A seat kit option is available with all models except the I-Ped2 and LightRider. Each electric scooter has distinct advantages.

The Original ESR750 Series with SLA Batteries: If price is your number one concern, you can save a few bucks with these older model SLA battery electric scooters. They are less expensive to buy and replacement batteries are cheaper as well. The downside is shorter range, heavier batteries and fewer life cycles (the number of times a battery can be recharged before expiring). SLA models include: the ESR750EX and the ESR750H Hoverboard.

The Advanced ESR750 Series with Li-Po Batteries: These electric scooters are much more expensive than the SLA battery models because Li-Po batteries offer: 1) Greater range, 2) A recharge rate thatís up to three times faster and 3) More life cycles. If you need maximum range, minimum recharge time and are willing to spare no expense... these scooters are for you. The ESR750 Li-Po series includes; the ESR750 Li-Ion (16 Ah, 24 Ah, 32 Ah) and the ESR750H Li-Ion (16 Ah, 24 Ah, 32 Ah).

Hoverboard Upgrade (Glide While You Ride): For an extra $100 or so, youíll glide while you ride. The ESR750 series is available with Go-Pedís patented Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.). This advanced suspension system delivers up to 3" of travel to both the front and rear wheels. Go-Pedís proprietary C.I.D.L.I. offers unbeatable comfort on and off-road. The suspension is adjustable from plush to firm support. You choose how to feel the road. If you plan on riding off-road, the Hoverboard is for you. Hoverboard models include: the ESR750H (SLA) and the ESR750H Li-Ion (16 Ah, 24 Ah, 32 Ah).

The I-Ped2 (The Ultimate Commuter Scooter): The I-Ped2 electric scooter is light weight (only 28 - 31 lbs.), powerful, compact and offers great range. Itís available in two battery types: Li-Po 8ah and Li-Po 16ah. There is literally no better stand-up electric scooter on the market for your commute. The I-Ped2 folds quickly, is easily carried and can be stored practically anywhere. The only drawback is it comes with smaller tires and therefore offers a less cushioned ride. The I-Ped2 is available in 8ah and 16ah battery configurations.

Go-Ped Tactical Scooters (Extreme Scooting): The Go-Ped "PPV" Portable Patrol Vehicle and Go-Ped LightRider have been developed by Go-Pedís Tactical Division for use by Military, Police and Rescue forces. These tactical models are now available to the general public. The PPV is a super advanced version of the ESR750 Hoverboard with 32ah Li-Po batteries. The LightRider is a stealth version of the 16ah I-Ped2. These models are for hardcore scooter enthusiasts willing to spare no expense to satisfy their thirst for electric scooter perfection!

Go-Ped Electric Scooter Comparison Chart

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