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Cyclone Fuel Saver


Fuel Saver Device (aka Cyclone Gas Saver) A Super Fuel Saver!

EV's & scooters are our transportation of choice, but when you've got to take a car we recommend that you save on gas by installing the Cyclone Fuel Saver. Simply put, Cyclone Fuel Savers are fuel savers for cars. We like them because they improve gas mileage and better gas mileage means a reduction in the harmful emissions polluting the air.

Once the CycloneFuelSaver is installed in the air-intake of your car, truck or RV you will experience better gas mileage and improved horsepower immediately. These Fuel Savers are an automotive air channeling fuel saving device that creates a cyclone swirling air motion, allowing the air to move faster and more efficiently by continuously whirling air around corners and bends. Imagine a mini-cyclone on its side moving through the intakes of your car. It causes better fuel atomization, which will improve gas mileage anywhere from 7-28%. These figures have been confirmed by road tests performed at an EPA-licensed emissions lab. You will be saving fuel for sure.

Dynometer testing demonstrates an increase of 4-13 horsepower as well! The Cyclone Fuel Saver is easy to install; 2-5 minutes usually, requires no maintenance and is an affordable addition to most passenger cars, light trucks and RVs on the road.

  • Increase Gas Mileage - Up to 28%
  • Improve Horsepower - Up to 13 hp or more
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy to install - Takes Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Fits Practically All Models And Makes Of Cars And Trucks
  • Works On Carbureted And Fuel Injected Engines
  • Works With Both Gasoline And Diesel Engines
The Cyclone Fuel Savers infomercials have been airing on TV for years, but people still seem to have trouble getting the name right. Whatever you call it, it's still the #1 fuel saver on the market. Just for fun, here's a collection of some of the names we've heard it go by; cyclonefuelsaver, cyclone gas saver, cyclone auto, cyclone automobile, cyclone fuel saver, cyclone for car, cyclone car part, cyclone auto part, car fuel saver, super fuel saver, turbo fuel saver, cyclone turbo, fuel savers for cars, fuel saver device, cyclone fuel savers.

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