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  Main Office Goes Carbon Neutral

South Pasadena, CA November 20, 2006 Electric scooter retailer,, announced today that its South Pasadena office has "gone carbon neutral." has secured emissions credits from off-setting the carbon dioxide generated from electricity use in the office.

"Global warming is a big deal!," says Frank Minero, CEO of, "As a company providing alternative transportation options to thousands annually, we feel it's important to take the next step and offset our own companies carbon emissions."

Scientists agree that our planet is warming due to human activity. The predicted effects of global warming for both the environment and for humans are many and various. These effects include a rising sea level, decrease in the ozone layer, effects on agriculture, extreme weather, and the spread of disease. Each year, US residents pour roughly 15 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per person and this figure is growing annually. is helping to restore the balance. allows business and individuals to offset their carbon dioxide production by funding clean energy projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

"We all need to take steps toward reducing our carbon footprint and many conscientious individuals and businesses are doing just that.," says Frank Minero, CEO of, "For example, for every Go-Ped motorized scooter we sell, Go-Ped plants a tree. We applaud the commitment Go-Ped and others are making to the planet!"

Individuals, households and businesses can take practical steps personally, and by influencing others, to reduce the size of their carbon footprint by:
  1. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

  2. Reducing energy use.

  3. Buying renewable energy.

  4. Making different transportation choices. Walking, scooting, and cycling are three fantastic ways to reduce carbon emissions.

  5. Offsetting carbon emissions through a company like

  6. Using their power as consumers, investors and electors to demand more sustainable goods and services.

  7. Taking part in and supporting improvements to their local area.

  8. Making their voice heard: debating the issues, helping to raise awareness, supporting the demand for change.

About is America's #1 online destination for brand name electric scooters, gas scooters, push scooters, electric bikes, pocket bikes, parts and accessories. They have been offering a wide variety of motorized scooters and bikes since 2001. is known for brands you trust, service you count on, discount pricing, huge selection, free shipping and top notch customer service.

About TerraPass
TerraPass is the leading consumer retailer of greenhouse gas reduction programs in the U.S. Thousands of individuals and businesses use TerraPass to balance out the global warming impact of their flying and driving. Collectively, TerraPass members have funded the reduction of over 150 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. TerraPass has industry leading partnerships with Ford Motor Company and Expedia. TerraPass funds clean energy and conservation projects throughout the U.S., including wind farms and biomass energy. All TerraPass greenhouse gas reductions are verified by an independent auditor, the non-profit Center for Resources Solutions, creator of the Green-e renewable energy certification program.
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