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At UrbanScooters.com we pride ourselves on carrying Brands You Trust. You won't find unsupported off-brand scooters and clones here, only quality brands produced by manufacturer’s with a solid foot-hold in the motorized scooter industry.

Brands Quick List: Go Ped Scooters , X-Treme

Here’s a detailed listing of some of the top quality brands we carry;

GO-PED SCOOTERS - Go-Ped is THE original motorized scooter company and was formed in 1985! Go-Ped has been manufacturing the most high-end and refined scooting machines in the world for two decades. See the Go-Ped Sport, Go-Ped Seat and Basket Assembly, Go-Ped Super Gsr46r, Go-Ped Esr Scooter Carrying Bag, Accessory Pack: Seat, Basket, & Bag (Go-Ped Esr750), Go-Ped Gsr Cruiser, Go-Ped Gtr46r Trail Ripper, Go-Ped Esr 750Ex, Goped Know-Ped Kick Scooter, Gsr Sport: Go-Ped Speed Racer, Go-Ped Grow-Ped Kick Scooter, Go-Ped Esr 750H Hoverboard, Go-Ped Gtr46i Trail Ripper Interceptor,

X-TREME SCOOTERS Most Chinese style scooters aren't worth the box they're shipped in. X-Treme scooters are an exception to the rule! X-Treme has been in the scooter business since 2001 and manufacturers the best quality, best supported Chinese style scooters on the market. X-Treme scooters are feature rich and priced to move. A note about quality: If you're looking for premium quality, low maintenance, highly durable models you'll need to pay a little more. We recommend Go-Ped. See the X-Treme Xg-550 / Xg-555 Seat Kit, X-Treme XG-505 Seat Kit, X-Treme Xg-565 / Xg-575Ds Seat Kit, X-Treme Xg-499 Seat Kit, X-Treme Xg-575-Ds Gas Scooter, X-Treme Xg-565 / Xg-575Ds Seat Kit, X-Treme Xb-310Li / X-Cursion Battery, X-Treme Xb-200Li / Xb-210Li / X-Cursion Battery,

CRYSTALYTE Top quality, inexpensive electric bike kits that offer incredible performance characteristics. We highly recommend these kits. Crystalyte gives you a whole lot for bang for your buck! See the


Product Quick List (A to Z):

Electric Scooters
Trx Personal Transporter
Uberscoot 500w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 1000w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 100w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 1600w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 300w Electric Scooter
Go-Ped Esr 750Ex
Go-Ped Esr 750H Hoverboard
Go-Ped I-Ped2
Go-Ped Esr 750 Li-Ion
Go-Ped Esr 750H Hoverboard Li-Ion Electric Scooter
Go-Ped Esr750h Ppv Electric Scooter
Mototec Electric Dirt Bike
Mototec Electric Mini Bike
Mototec Speedgo Electric Skateboard
Mototec Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Mototec 350w Electric Trike
Mototec 500w Electric Trike
Mototec Rover 500w Lithium Electric Scooter
Mototec Electric Moped

Gas Scooters
Uberscoot Rx Big 50cc Powerboard
Uberscoot 2x Big 50cc Powerboard
Go-Ped Sport
Go-Ped Super Gsr46r
Go-Ped Gsr Cruiser
Go-Ped Gtr46r Trail Ripper
Gsr Sport: Go-Ped Speed Racer
Go-Ped Gtr46i Trail Ripper Interceptor
Go-Ped Riot 46
Mototec 3-Speed 49cc Gas Scooter
X-Treme Xg-575-Ds Gas Scooter

Electric Bikes
X-Treme Rubicon Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Electric Bike
X-Treme Baja Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle
X-Treme Kona Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Trail Climber Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Newport Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Malibu Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Xb-504 Electric Bike

Pocket Bikes
Mototec Gas Pocket Bike
Mototec Electric Pocket Bike