Go Ped, X-Treme Scooters, Go Motorboard, Mosquito and More Scooter Brands
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At UrbanScooters.com we pride ourselves on carrying Brands You Trust. You won't find unsupported off-brand scooters and clones here, only quality brands produced by manufacturer’s with a solid foot-hold in the motorized scooter industry.

Brands Quick List: Go Ped Scooters , X-Treme

Here’s a detailed listing of some of the top quality brands we carry;

GO-PED SCOOTERS - Go-Ped is THE original motorized scooter company and was formed in 1985! Go-Ped has been manufacturing the most high-end and refined scooting machines in the world for two decades. See the Go-Ped Seat and Basket Assembly, Go-Ped Esr Scooter Carrying Bag, Accessory Pack: Seat, Basket, & Bag (Go-Ped Esr750),

X-TREME SCOOTERS Most Chinese style scooters aren't worth the box they're shipped in. X-Treme scooters are an exception to the rule! X-Treme has been in the scooter business since 2001 and manufacturers the best quality, best supported Chinese style scooters on the market. X-Treme scooters are feature rich and priced to move. A note about quality: If you're looking for premium quality, low maintenance, highly durable models you'll need to pay a little more. We recommend Go-Ped. See the X-Treme Xg-550 / Xg-555 Seat Kit, X-Treme XG-505 Seat Kit, X-Treme Xg-565 / Xg-575Ds Seat Kit, X-Treme Xg-575-Ds Gas Scooter, X-Treme Xg-565 / Xg-575Ds Seat Kit, X-Treme Xb-310Li / X-Cursion Battery, X-Treme Xb-200Li / Xb-210Li Lifepo4 Lithium 24v 8Ah Battery, X-Treme Xb-300Sla / Xb-305Sla / Alpine Trails / Sierra Trails Battery Pack, X-Treme Xb-300Li / Xb-305Li / Trail Maker / Trail Climber Battery, X-Treme Trailmaker / Trailclimber / Xb-300Li / Xb-305Li Battery Charger (V3), X-Treme Xb-504 Electric Bike, X-Treme Trail Climber Electric Mountain Bike, X-Treme X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike, X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike, X-Treme Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike, X-Treme Sierra Trails Electric Mountain Bike, X-Treme Newport Electric Beach Cruiser,

CRYSTALYTE Top quality, inexpensive electric bike kits that offer incredible performance characteristics. We highly recommend these kits. Crystalyte gives you a whole lot for bang for your buck! See the


Product Quick List (A to Z):

Electric Scooters
Uberscoot 500w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 1000w Electric Scooter
Uberscoot 1600w Electric Scooter
Mototec Mad 1600w Electric Scooter
Mototec Speedgo Electric Skateboard
Mototec Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Mototec 350w Electric Trike
Mototec 500w Electric Trike
Mototec Rover 500w Lithium Electric Scooter
Mototec Hoverboard Deluxe Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard
Mototec 600w Street Electric Skateboard
X-Treme City-Rider Electric Scooter

Gas Scooters
Uberscoot Rx Big 50cc Powerboard
Uberscoot 2x Big 50cc Powerboard
Mototec 3-Speed 49cc Gas Scooter
X-Treme Xg-575-Ds Gas Scooter

Electric Bikes
X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Electric Bike
X-Treme Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Sierra Trails Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Trail Climber Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Rubicon Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike
X-Treme Kona Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Newport Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Malibu Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Hanalei Electric Beach Cruiser
X-Treme Xb-504 Electric Bike
X-Treme Sedona Electric Mountain Bike

Pocket Bikes
Mototec Gas Pocket Bike
Mototec Electric Pocket Bike
Mototec Cali 36v Electric Pocket Bike