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X-Treme : X-Treme XB-300Li Electric Mountain Bike

List Price: $949.00
You Save: $200.00
OUR PRICE: $749.00
Sale Ends: 10/12/2015

Delivered in 1-5 days
No Expedited Shipping Available.

Product Description & Specs

Extended Warranty
Extra Battery Pack, $269.00
XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li XB-300Li
X-Treme XB-300Li Description: - back to top -
The X-Treme XB-300Li Electric Mountain Bike is a fantastic out-of-the-box, high end, high value electric bicycle. It’s powered by lightweight, state of the art, lithium ion batteries and propelled by a 300 watt hub motor. It offers three power options: 1) Pedal only. 2) Twist and Go (TAG) – the motor activates when the throttle is turned. Pedaling is optional. 3) Pedal Assist (PA) – press the PA button and the motor applies power every complete turn of the pedals. This makes pedaling the XB-300Li much easier. TAG is available in PA mode as well. TAG and PA come in handy when you need a break, an extra boost of power, or some help with small hills and light terrain.

The XB-300Li electric bike is equipt with top of the line components like a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gear & Shifter System, 7 Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries, and RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic shocks for a smooth ride on or off-road. The battery pack is "easy swap" and can be quickly removed for charging in your home or office. You can also carry an extra battery pack with you to double your range!

The XB-300Li from X-Treme carries an impressive list of standard features, including; a heavy duty rigid frame made of ultra-lightweight 100% aluminum alloy, a fully adjustable seat, front light, key ignition, battery indicator, rear cargo rack, tool kit, and a smart charger! The “electric bicycle" classification allows you to operate it without registration, insurance or a driver's license in most states (check our electric bike law page for more info). The XB-300Li electric mountain bike is environmentally friendly, noise-free, and only costs pennies a day to charge. It’s a fantastic way to bypass high prices at the pump!

This electric mountain bike also comes with a step-through and folding frame. If it's more than you can afford, check out the XB-300SLA, a stripped down version of the XB-300Li with a much lower price tag.

XB-300Li Specifications: - back to top -
Speed: 20 mph
Range: 15-20 miles on a single charge with the option to pedal for greater range.
Motor: 300 watt brushless hub motor, located in the center of the rear wheel.
Frame: Heavy duty rigid frame made of ultra-lightweight 100% aluminum alloy. RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic shocks.
Drive System: No chains or belts required, the motor is in the hub of the rear wheel. 'Twist and Go' and 'Pedal Assist' power options, 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter. Variable speed twist throttle.
Battery: 24 volt lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries in a sealed pack (seven 3.6v, 8ah batteries total). The battery pack is quick and easy to remove. It can be charged while attached to the bike or removed and charged in your home or office. Key lock for security.
Charge Time: 1 - 3 hours.
Brakes: Front and rear disk brakes.
Dimensions: Length 72"
Width at handlebars 25"
Height 42"
Weight: 52 lbs.
Carrying Capacity: The manufacturer states 350 lbs, however we recommend a rider weight no more than 275 lbs.
Tires: 26" x 1.95" pneumatic off road tires on aluminum wheels.
X-Treme XB-300Li Warranty: 6 month manufacturer's Signature Series warranty including 1 year warranty on batteries, a lifetime warranty on the frame and Lifetime Technical Support. In addition, you receive a FREE Priority Level Warranty Support Upgrade from!

Standard Features: - back to top -
• Fully adjustable seat (37 3/4" to 45 3/4").
• Keyed ignition.
• Headlight.
• Battery indicator.
• Smart charger.
• Rear cargo rack.
• Front and rear spoke reflectors.
• Single leg kickstand.
• Tool kit.
• Extended Warranty (optional): Add 6 months to your warranty. Total warranty period is 1 year on the bike. The warranty on the batteries remains 1 year.

Additional Info: - back to top -
• Some assembly required, see XB-300Li Owner's Manual.
• Buy an extra "easy swap" XB-300Li battery pack to double your range!
• Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (approx. 100 lbs.), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability.
• Shipping Dimensions & Weight (L/W/H): 54" x 9" x 29", 63 lbs.
• View the XB-300Li Owner's Manual for more info (see above for up to date features & specs).

Videos: - back to top -

* Some specs and features have been updated since production of this video. See product page above for up to date product information.

Why buy from - back to top -
When you buy from a top rated scooter specialty store like you Shop With Confidence. We offer discount pricing, free shipping, brands you trust, and our knowledgeable staff is at your service before and after the sale. Click here for more info!

Warning!:Please scoot safely and legally! will not be liable for any injuries that may occur as a result of the use or misuse of this product. Please visit our Scooter Safety and Legal page for more info. Laws regarding the use of motorized scooters and bikes vary and it is the customer’s responsibility to determine local laws prior to purchase. For more info visit our Scooter Law page.

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