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Go-Ped : Go-Ped I-Ped2

List Price: $1979.99
You Save: $60.00
OUR PRICE: $1,919.99
Sale Ends: 2/27/2017

Delivered in 2-9 days

Product Description & Specs

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Go-Ped I-Ped2 Description: - back to top -
The Go-Ped I-Ped2 electric scooter is the absolute best stand-up commuter scooter on the market today. Itís an upgraded version of the original I-Ped that includes many enhancements, including; new wheels with 8" pneumatic 4 ply tires for a more cushioned ride and greater traction on wet surfaces, a high performance "Mad Dog" front disk brake, a foot operated rear fender brake, 2 different battery configurations and now the handlebars fold and attach to the rear fender using a more convenient folding loop.

The I-Ped2 is a lighter, more compact version of the award winning Go-Ped ESR750 Li-Ion electric scooter. Itís only 28 - 31 lbs. and folds to a manageable size thatís easily carried and stored. It fits neatly under a bus, train or ferry seat and will even fit in the carry space under your shopping cart. The Go-Ped I-Ped2 comes with the same 1000+ watt advanced tech electric motor that powers the larger ESR models. Speeds of up to 18 mph, outrageous hill climbing and thrilling acceleration are par for the course. It offers 2 different battery pack configurations to suit a rider's needs and price considerations. The Go-Ped I-Ped2 has a low center of gravity, stable ride and great maneuverability. It's extremely durable, reliable and easy to maintain. A battery saving feature lets the rider chose an "Economy ModeĒ or "Turbo ModeĒ that gets you "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far". This handy feature gives the rider control over speed and range. Innovative and high quality features like carefully designed ergonomic controls, a built-in on-board smart charger, an external charger for deep charging / cell conditioning and an ultra-modern programmable controller round out the impressive list of features. The I-Ped2 is perfectly tailored for scooter enthusiasts in need of high quality, reliable, noise and pollution free, portable, low cost, personal transportation.

The LightRider: An exciting variation of the I-Ped2 is now available to the general public for a limited time! From the minds of Go-Pedís Tactical Division we bring you The LightRider. Its been developed for Paratrooper Special Ops where minimal weight, size and stealth are required, yet personal transport performance can not be compromised. The LightRider is identical to the 16 ah I-Ped2, but is crafted with a custom, all black stealth exterior. Covert exterior design features include: anodized black aluminum, custom deck finished with a black no-slip surface and stealth black paint. The LightRider gets you in and out fast. You wonít been seenÖ you wonít be heard!

Comparison Guide: Which one is right for you? Check out our Go-Ped Electric Scooter Comparison Guide!

For a limited time: FREE Go-Ped T-Shirt & Bumper Sticker with every GoPed I-Ped2 / LightRider Purchase!**

Go-Ped I-Ped2 Specifications: - back to top -
Speed: 18 mph (turbo mode) / 12 mph (economy mode)
Range & Weight:
LOWEST COST/WEIGHT8 Amp HourLIPO7 mi Turbo / 10 mi Econo28 lbs
LONGEST RANGE16 Amp HourLIPO13 mi Turbo / 20 mi Econo31 lbs
LIGHTRIDER16 Amp HourLIPO13 mi Turbo / 20 mi Econo31 lbs
Motor: A 1000+ watt, 24V D/C brush motor with aluminum "Electro Head" finned heat sink. A pulse width modulated advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. Low voltage battery protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection, and maximum speed protection. Fully sealed, dust and weather resistant.
Frame: Patented heavy duty, ultra light, 4130 Chromoly aircraft quality carbon steel frame and fork. Aircraft grade 6061-T6 hardened aluminum handlebar. Signature style GoPed wooden deck and 3" of ground clearance.
Drive Train: Chain driven and free wheel capable. Variable speed thumb throttle with Economy/Turbo selector.
Battery: Your choice of 2 different battery pack configurations. 8ah (300+ charge cycles) or 16ah (400+ charge cycles). Fully sealed, dust and weather resistant.
Charge Time: The 8ah model will fully charge in 1.5 hours using the external charger and 3.2 hours with the internal charger. The 16ah model will fully charge in 3 hours using the external charger and 6.5 hours with the internal charger.
Brakes: A high performance "Mad Dog" front disk brake and a foot operated rear fender brake.
Dimensions: Length 34"
Width at handlebars 15.5", Width at deck 11.5"
Height 44", at deck 5.25", when folded 13.25"
Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs.
Tires: New wheels with 8" pnumatic 4 ply tires that provide a more cushioned ride and greater traction on wet surfaces.
Warranty: 90 day manufacturer's warranty with a 2 year warranty on the frame.

Go Ped I Ped2: - back to top -
• Handlebars that fold for easy transport and storage.
• On/off power switch.
• Reflective pad on handlebars.
• LED battery level indicator.
• Smart external battery charger for deep charging.
• Smart battery charger cord (for the internal charger).

Additional Info: - back to top -
• 95% assembled. Attach the front tire, raise and lock the handlebars and you're ready to ride.
• Need more features? Check out the Go-Ped ESR 750EX.
• Need extra features & range? Check out the Go-Ped ESR 750 Li-Ion.
• Take a look at the User's Manual!
• The LightRider is a stealth device and therefore isnít fitted with a reflective pad on the handlebars or reflective tape on the downtube. Please check local electric scooter laws regarding reflector use prior to purchase and ride safely!
• Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability.
• A Go-Prammer is required to program the controller and is sold separately.
• Shipping Dimensions & Weight (L/W/H): 36.5" x 13.5" x 13.25", 47 lbs.

** reserves the right to substitute the size and color of the t-shirt if the one selected is temporarily out of stock.

Why buy from - back to top -
When you buy from a top rated scooter specialty store like you Shop With Confidence. We offer discount pricing, free shipping, brands you trust, and our knowledgeable staff is at your service before and after the sale. Click here for more info!

Warning!:Please scoot safely and legally! will not be liable for any injuries that may occur as a result of the use or misuse of this product. Please visit our Scooter Safety and Legal page for more info. Laws regarding the use of motorized scooters and bikes vary and it is the customer’s responsibility to determine local laws prior to purchase. For more info visit our Scooter Law page.

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